Meth, weed, heroine – name your poison, Caravelous was your guy.

He first started during his teen years. While the other boys were busy with hanging out hunting for chicks and getting their first taste of cigarettes, Caravelous only had one thing in mind – hustling. Everything else was child’s play to him.

Hustling was his game. Thick wads of cash – this made him king.

But every king has his downfall. Getting caught and facing prison time was first. Losing his mother was his wake up call. It made the once feared name in the industry took thousands of steps back to find his direction in life.

His tattoos and past glories were stumbling blocks during his road to redemption – integrating back to the society. There will always be assholes people with judgemental eyes everywhere he goes, friends or old acquaintances just waiting for him to slip right back into the lifestyle again.

But the king does not bow down to commoners that easily.

With a queen by his side and blessed with 3 little princes, he made sure that all the steps he took were carefully treaded. All he wants is to become the best version of himself to set an example for them, to be their hero.

Caravelous‘s Advice
Life is never a gamble – it’s a matter of choice.
Every path you take is nothing but a lesson gained.

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