Tattoos, gang affiliations, drugs, booze. The typical life of a young badass adolescent. Ace’s included.

What else could a kid do back then? However, unlike his peers, Ace had enough of that fun early. He pulled the brakes and started to roam and find work to support his family.

Back in those days, tattoos are considered a taboo and no respected companies would want to hire a lowly educated punk. Taking odd jobs to survive, Ace persevered and took things slowly while washing away the stains of his past gangster life.

With all that money he got, he finally had courage to take a huge step to go back to school and continue his studies. Along the way, he found love. Although short lived, he was blessed with a boy and a girl, whom he has tremendous love for.

With his kids always being his first love and priority, he took his second love and passion to greater heights. His creativity in arts and design gave him the courage to take the step to open up his own renovation company.

These days, Ace spreads his love through his work in homes.

Ace’s Advice
No two lives are the same, God created you with your own sole purpose in life.
Find it.

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