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Stashwagon’s mission in creating a meaningful brand was built on encouraging inclusivity while empowering individuality as part of a progressive community.

Everyone has a story to tell. A dark past stashed that has served its purpose in contributing to who we are today. Yet sometimes, we are still punished for it because people can be too quick to judge, leading us to struggle to find our place as we are too normal for the different but too different for the normal. 

redemption /rɪˈdɛm(p)ʃ(ə)n/ noun
the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil

As the road to redemption is often a lonely one, we put together stories contributed by real people to remind you that you are not alone. The stories shared are from those with a past they are not so proud of and how they’ve managed to overcome it. They share their turning points, what they had to deal and what they’ve learnt to shed light and give hope to those who may find themselves in a similar predicament. To inspire you and to remind you that you are not alone. 

In compassion, we find acceptance.

In chaos, we find redemption. 

Luffy’s Story

Luffy is one hell of a character – someone blessed with the combination of both the street smart and book smart.

The result: a well-paid job in the fire department.

Everything was going perfectly well for him. A respectable job and a beautiful fiancé. Everything was like written in the stars for Luffy. All these achieved at a very young age.

Unfortunately, the life he led took a drastic turn when his past caught up with him. The fire department got wind of it and he was immediately dismissed.

You see, Luffy was not your typical good boy from the hood. Back in the days, Luffy was a respected gang member who is always game for any kind of shit that could earn him the respect he deserved.

An old robbery case that he was part of was finally brought up to justice and he could have gotten away with it as everything went on almost perfect for years, until he was snitched on.

While serving his years in penitentiary, the only solace he had was from the love he got from his family. His fiancé waited for him as he did his time and continued to believe in him.

Once he was released, while he was probation, he slowly picked up the pieces. He refused to put the blame on anyone else, he chose to believe that everything had happened the way it did for a reason.

That journey he went through was never smooth sailing. He continued to believe that after every storm, comes the rainbow of hope.

Currently running his own business and blessed with juniors of his own, with the continuous support of a loving wife, Luffy found his drive and motivation to achieve what he believes is his version of true success in life.

Luffy’s Advice
Always let you brain grow in your head, not in you balls.

Ace’s Story

Tattoos, gang affiliations, drugs, booze. The typical life of a young badass adolescent. Ace’s included.

What else could a kid do back then? However, unlike his peers, Ace had enough of that fun early. He pulled the brakes and started to roam and find work to support his family.

Back in those days, tattoos are considered a taboo and no respected companies would want to hire a lowly educated punk. Taking odd jobs to survive, Ace persevered and took things slowly while washing away the stains of his past gangster life.

With all that money he got, he finally had courage to take a huge step to go back to school and continue his studies. Along the way, he found love. Although short lived, he was blessed with a boy and a girl, whom he has tremendous love for.

With his kids always being his first love and priority, he took his second love and passion to greater heights. His creativity in arts and design gave him the courage to take the step to open up his own renovation company.

These days, Ace spreads his love through his work in homes.

Ace’s Advice
No two lives are the same, God created you with your own sole purpose in life.
Find it.

Zee’s Story

Zee was one of those girls you’d never want to mess with. She was not the kind of bitch you can easily hook up with in the club. The only thing you’d probably get from her is a bottle of bourbon smacked into your thick skull.

Drugs, fights and alcohol were her daily fix.

10 years have passed, now blessed with 2 kids, all Zee wants is to stash that lifestyle away for good. While putting her vices aside were easy, her temper might surface every once in a while, when situation calls.

She joked, “Mess with my family, you better pray that your skull is insured.”

Zee’s Advise
Don’t blame others for judging shit about you because of your past. You chose that path, now fuckin chin up and move on.

Caravelous’s Story

Meth, weed, heroine – name your poison, Caravelous was your guy.

He first started during his teen years. While the other boys were busy with hanging out hunting for chicks and getting their first taste of cigarettes, Caravelous only had one thing in mind – hustling. Everything else was child’s play to him.

Hustling was his game. Thick wads of cash – this made him king.

But every king has his downfall. Getting caught and facing prison time was first. Losing his mother was his wake up call. It made the once feared name in the industry took thousands of steps back to find his direction in life.

His tattoos and past glories were stumbling blocks during his road to redemption – integrating back to the society. There will always be assholes people with judgemental eyes everywhere he goes, friends or old acquaintances just waiting for him to slip right back into the lifestyle again.

But the king does not bow down to commoners that easily.

With a queen by his side and blessed with 3 little princes, he made sure that all the steps he took were carefully treaded. All he wants is to become the best version of himself to set an example for them, to be their hero.

Caravelous‘s Advice
Life is never a gamble – it’s a matter of choice.
Every path you take is nothing but a lesson gained.


Got a story to tell? Drop us a message or email your story to hello@stashwagon.co.

You’ll never know how your story can inspire others and give them the glimpse of hope they need as they struggle through their redemption.

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